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Posted by Old Timer on August 05, 2010 at 20:03:32

In Reply to: Re: Mene posted by Jewlz on August 04, 2010 at 23:57:34:

Old Time Exer got it right. I doubt you'll hear much from other old timers, who are either already dead, dying or unwilling to shake the topic for fear of what might come back to them. That is what Peter and Maria have been counting on for years, the complicity silence of the so-called royal family and others in their circle.

There is an even more disturbing angle, or rather a triangle between Berg, his son Aaron and Shulamite. Shula gave Berg the cold shoulder and then married Aaron. Berg wanted her so bad and so took revenge by shunning Aaron. After his death he tried again with Shula, who again refused and as a result was forced to live as an outcast.

On time, Berg delivered on an innocent child his delayed revenge on the parents justifying it as an act of God who --according to him-- revisits the parent's sins for generations. That's what it was, pure revenge because the mother wouldn't. And that was only one of the many atrocities that Mene and Shula suffered.

Maybe other ex-members who witnessed this atrocity will come forward to expose the son of Satan named David Berg.

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