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Posted by Pastor Don on August 06, 2010 at 17:26:11

In Reply to: Re: Ricky about Mene posted by Farmer on August 06, 2010 at 11:35:04:

It's not hard to get on FB. I've been on over 2 years. Basically you start with an email address to get your account and then create your password. You don't need to have your name as your profile name, there are many who have diiferent "handles" as their profile. From there you put as much stuff as you want about your profile. It can be realistic or even some fantasy. I use my name and am realistic on mine as I use it for the most part as a ministry tool and also to connect with people from the past. I have about 40 FB friends that I went to High School with, which has been interesting. I have 800 plus friends, which for the most part are connections I have through church. Many are friends of friends I do not personally know, but we all have very common interest. You have to be accepted to be someones friend, and you have to accept others to be your friend. With Zerby, it is not being a friend but a fan and their is noo acceptance, on a fans page you just push like and you become a fan. I know my finger will shake when I push like to become a fan of Karen Zerby. As I said any of us who post anything negative it won't end up staying there long. There were some posts fromwhich seemed to be SGs, which were there for a day or two. Once you are a fan you can comment on another fan's post or like their post. If we all do this thing it will need to be coordinated so we can like and comment on each other's post. If we could set a date and time to do this it would be the best way to do it imo. It will have the most effect I believe. Hopefully it will be some shock treatment for the mindless as if you read what people write you will see there are just that. It's amazing and sad to me at the same time. It also makes me grateful for all of us who came to our senses. If we could stir one person even to think about what they are doing, it would be worth it. Any who are interested please post that you are and we will have a genex "attack day"!

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