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Posted by Farmer on August 24, 2010 at 07:20:26

In Reply to: Re: Trying to understand posted by NoName on August 23, 2010 at 22:05:38:

No Name...I admire your courage to walk away from all that which is indeed false wrong...from TFI...although it hurts to miss loved must hurt deeply...even the father(s)/relatives of the children???
TFI doesn't deserve you...Zerby should be there with no one left, for all that they construed might wonder, how much they deliberately construed wrong...or how much they did wrong just by strong deception.

It's rewarding to be out...although there is strength in unity...I can do without those sinners/criminals.

My respect and hopes for you, that you can build a beautiful life outside TF...anyone who helps you??Relatives???

P.S. You were born into TFI or "taken along" with your parents then??...Would it be possible to write up something as a testimony against them or is that not an option for right now??I could understand...if not...

" I also walked away from all whom I loved and understood well that I would never had the chance to contact them again, or be understood by them. Sad to say, these latest changes didn't change anything about that."

Big mouth of them again...just on paper...but again they don't deliver...kind of: leave us alone in our special...fragile bubble...don't confuse us with the truth...

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