Dear Marge...

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Posted by Farmer on November 08, 2010 at 13:48:20

In Reply to: Re: my family posted by Marge Tomkins-Debolt on November 06, 2010 at 21:57:15:

very sorry for hearing what your family...your sister and children in particular went through...strong "tobacco" you say in German...strong wording...but needed for deaf & blind people like TFers...I felt though like adding, that not necessarily every FGA had super bad experiences (emphasis on super)...just bad enough to take him/her long time to have things sorted out...and not 100% every SGA had exactly the same horrendous experiences as in the book entailed...but some even by accounts online...some lots less...unless SGAs are in total denial...which I don't assume...also you'll find on facebook various current SGAs who seem to "like their" life affiliated with TFI...for whatever reason...not my cup for sure

I am very happy, that you took your time to share your very sad experiences here...I was vocal here on have testimonies like yours saved separately for times in the future...for reference sake...apparently there is not the time or space for such endeavours...
anyway...I saved it for future reference sake on my "puter"

May be you have time to look at some of the "splendid" spleeny reactions of friends/members of TFI at these unofficial websites...if you're a might want to tell some of the members some "real realities" of TFI

Sorry, that the board seems so dead nowadays...little frequented...
but please join us any time you want...good to have you...all the best wishing you and your immediate family...greetings to your sister and kids

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