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Posted by Farmer on December 30, 2010 at 20:55:51

In Reply to: Re: She certainly is a beautiful woman posted by CB on December 30, 2010 at 08:02:54:

Might be, but I rather think...if at the end of her career (that she discloses more).There's lot of competition in Bollywood (As Miss Earth 2010 got voted the Indian representative...I'd be surprised, if she won't try the film-industry or the other way @...though she wasn't my favourite ; ) it happens so often, that the Indian Miss world or universe or whatever wind up in the film industry )and at the moment she's riding the wave, can't blame her much.I thought it was funny what another "rival" actress once said in an interview...she said she would like to see her passport ; )

I think she was very genuine, but in my opinion..reserved..."diplomatic" the way to conceal, but knowing she had to deliver.It's a hard life:not giving an some do...can also be considered a weakness or taken ill by the fan-base or journalism/public

What amazes me though is, how big she made it.I observed it for a longer stretch and either there are the all out Katz-fans or the other ones who complain about her Hindi, dancing (other actresses know both from very young...except those grown up abroad---another one would be Jia Khan-- that's where it bothered me a bit, when K.K. said in another interview, that she is very much Indian...well...others even more so (growing up there) and some...very nationalistic Indians I disturbs, that a model from "somewhere" becomes such a hit...actually, kind of a "miracle"???...oh, and others complain she just used Salman Khan..her "ex"-boyfriend.To me it's not clear, who "used" whom...may be it was mutually.)

On the other hand CB, what do you think, how much credit can take the you know who...for her upbringing...if at all...She gives all her credit to her mum...kind of logic here (by the way, her mother has a I remember right) any case, she's kind of "special" and people sense that

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