Udaan...a movie older SGAs might be able to relate to well

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Posted by Farmer on January 23, 2011 at 17:45:50

I just saw it yesterday on DVD...the subtitles were not too sufficient...especially when it gets into poetry...there are definitely highlights in the movie and the added clips are some of the most outstanding ones...this breaking free of demanding...unloving and non-understanding parents/a father...is also symptomatic for sects and therefore I like to add it here...(by the way I am not too sure how bad/good boarding schools are in general for the upbringing of a child???...may be someone has some feedback

Quoted from:


17-year-old Rohan is expelled from the reputed Bishop Cotton School, Shimla boarding school along with three friends Vikram, Benoy and Muninder when they are caught by their warden watching an adult movie off campus .

Rohan returns home to Jamshedpur where a stern and abusive father and a 6-year-old half-brother, Arjun, he doesn't know as to whats in store for him. His father forces him to attend engineering classes at the local university and work at his metal works factory. His father's disappointment takes the form of verbal and physical abuse and constant humiliation. His kind uncle supports Rohan's ambition of being a writer, but his father will have none of it. One night he sneaks out of the house, takes his father's car and goes to a local bar. There he meets some seniors from his college who try to rag him but later become his friends. Then he does this regularly, taking his father's car and drinking in the bar.

A disinterested Rohan deliberately fails the exam so that his father will give up on him, leaving him free to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. At exactly the same time, his father is summoned immediately to school to take Arjun away because of something he has done. This causes his father to lose an important contract. Rohan comes home to a scene where Arjun it is being rushed to the hospital for some unknown reason. His father says that Arjun fell down the stairs. Fearful of complicating matters, Rohan lies to his father and says that he has passed his exams. His father then goes to Calcutta on an urgent business trip leaving Rohan to take care of Arjun in the hospital.

In the hospital, Rohan impresses a lot of people including doctors and nurses with his stories and poems. He finds out that Arjun was beaten by his father after losing a contract worth millions of rupees. Arjun had had a fight with his schoomate and had hurt a couple of them. Then his father comes back from Calcutta and finds out he has failed the exams. He has a fight with his father and is assaulted by him in the night and next day his father apologises to him. A somewhat hopeful Rohan feels that maybe his father has realized the error of his ways. His father then stuns Rahul by declaring that he is going to marry again and decides to send Arjun to a boarding school while Rohan is supposed to work full-time at the factory. His father has a fight with his uncle when his uncle desires to keep Arjun with him. Rohan pleads with his uncle to take him away. Furious about this, his father burns Rohan's diary where he has written all his poems. Rohan calls Muninder who tells him that he, Vikram and Benoy are now working at Vikram's restaurant in Mumbai and Muninder invites him too.

One day, Rohan takes all his frustration out on his father's car and some policemen happen to see him in the act. He spends a night is prison after his father knows about the car and leaves him there. When he goes home, his to-be stepmother and her relatives are there. He takes a bath, packs his thing leaves home. A dejected Arjun watches him sadly. Rohan asks as to when he will be leaving for boarding school. Arjun says he would be leaving the next day. Rohan simply wishes him luck and prepares to leave. On his way out, Rohan exchanges some words with his father and when confronted, punches his father and runs away. He spends the night in his uncle's house and the next morning, suddenly realizes that he cannot leave his brother at the mercy of the same circumstances that he left. He goes to his home and takes Arjun with him to Mumbai leaving a note behind warning his father to stay away from them. The movie ends with Rohan and Arjun walking away holding hands.

Aazaadiyan - Udaan Full Song! -

naav from udaan

My favorite scene from movie udaan (this scene resembles freedom)
This is the youtube-comment not mine (Farmer)...I like the scene with his stepbrother at the end more...but still very nice...

Udaan - Theatrical Trailer

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