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Posted by Colonel on February 28, 2011 at 18:56:39

In Reply to: Re: The march of history posted by CB on February 23, 2011 at 09:30:49:

I remember first hearing about Gadaffi from our colony shepherd during the last week of December 1971, although I didn't hear his name. The shepherd and his wife apparently got the info in LT training/meetings and they didn't even know his name. They said he was the leader or president of Egypt, but I realized much later they had been talking about Gadaffi all along.

This is my feeling on the matter and I have no evidence at all to back it up, just a gut feeling that accumulated from other things. At the point where I joined COG, I was low man on the totem pole, fresh out of the system. One of the first Mo letters I was taught was "War, Boom, Bust". All of the other "seasoned" COG's were just oohing and aahing about how wise Mo was and I was saying to myself, "I heard this in an Economics or History class" - nothing new here, and a couple of other things I was initially exposed to produced the same feeling. As I grew in those earlier times of COG, I realized that while most of the rank and file were kept in the dark of daily news, those higher ups like Mo were keeping up with current events, and in that way Mo was able to deceive us even on the small stuff.

In 1971, Gadaffi was in the news trying to create the Federation of Arab Republics, a move that would unite Egypt, Libya, and Syria into a single Arab state. It actually lasted loosely from Jan. 1, 1972 until 1977. I think Mo read about this, and with that old prophecy warning about "turn your eyes toward Egypt", Mo jumped on this and singled out Gadaffi as one to watch because of his charisma and weirdo tendencies. He could be the one coming out of Egypt if those countries united. I don't believe there was anything more to it than that, and then he sent Faithy in. By the way, I had never heard before that she had trouble getting out of there.

I saw the same thing later on some TV sitcoms. An event would occur, and a writer would incorporate that event into a story for a TV show. Mo was the same way.

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