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Posted by Farmer on March 03, 2011 at 10:13:38

In Reply to: Re: Vogue:: Culture:: Nobody’s Child:: Taylor Stevens posted by Browser on March 02, 2011 at 17:05:47:

TFI doesn't believe in it...when it comes to people believing in Christ...then heritage doesn't mean a thing ..or too least that is NT-standard teaching

Bergs "rattling", foaming at both negroes/blacks/"coloured" people (=> by logic unbelievers/the yet unconverted etc., regarding the premise, that in Christ there is not supposed to be a difference to be regarded to the point of rejection etc)...the pc wording would be nice to hear too??!!.... and especially Jews is known...on the other hand, there are "mighty" many people in the world outside TFI, who practice just the same...some sort of seclusion/'s not just only a Jewish...special Christians or other religious thing alone...some Nazi-racists had no personal faith at all...and just didn't believe in "blending"

On top of it...many coloured people have also quite a militant stance against "anything white"

On the other hand the political discussions in Europe...the waves are rising high...about whether or not the integration-policies/attempts have failed or not...many believe they it in France or Germany...voiced from the very top...the Netherlands don't seem to fare that much least some resignation/frustration can be observed there too

I am not able to judge the US...but the integration of the native Indians has failed IMO to a large degree and about some other migrants as well...what do you think??????

And I think...Taylor Stevens got many more things right...but I doubt, whether Vogue got everything right...however the main message got out and that's wonderful...wish her all the best...didn't have time to follow things up more about her....

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