It's human to disagree

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Posted by Thinker on March 08, 2011 at 16:10:41

In Reply to: Re: Strategic race marriages posted by Farmer on March 08, 2011 at 15:49:24:

No worries, it's quite human to disagree, Farmer. Thank God we don't all agree with each other, or we might as well still be in a cult.

Stereotypes exist everywhere, but this is a group preaching love and equality under Christ while in reality it is quite a race-conscious and unequal organization. For me, the point isn't whether the world is a better or worse example, or whether the average rank-and-file member was aware of racial policies, but that racism was taught in the Mo Letters and came from the top down, and that racial profiling was practised, even if unawares.

The "posts" I am referring to are top leadership positions, on the level of national leadership, WS leaders, etc. I actually specifically remember how the so-called indegenous drives never really handed any real power over to "nationals" at all -- there was usually a Caucasian partnership involved. "Nationals" were always "under training" and never handled the most top-secret activities or secret finances, or even publications, without a least some kind of Caucasian oversight. Can you cite me many examples to the contrary?

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