Kishore Kumar and a clip I liked...+ "forbidden love"

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Posted by Farmer on March 10, 2011 at 07:30:01

I happened to view a film the other day (Kaash...father, after being unsuccessful, becomes a drinker...mother leaves...the father has the custody rights for the child...their child then becomes fatally ill and this happens to reunite them again...), where I was impressed by the nice singing of Kishore Kumar rendered some other clips I fancy now and I came across this one...the lyrics are really special, I think
...something I can relate to too...also the time after TFI

...basically that's what bollywood in many films is about: lots of heartbreak, but often...mostly... a happy end.

I haven't seen the film yet, but was touched by the superb singing/voice and lyrics...the black and white...the emotions...the parting....

Incidentally it touches also the subject of "forbidden love"...between brother and sister...unbeknownst to them....something which unfortunately could/(is??) also be a subject in TFI...may be even was...though I don't
know of any example yet...not sure...what else went on in the bergian household??...

There was a pretty "unfamous" lovestory between a brother and sister in Germany, which actually had at least 3 kids together...but got separated by verdict of the court...

Anyway...I am just glad...very happy...that this is not my predominant mood anymore (separation + loneliness)...that I got help to overcome those mortal/human shortcomings...even though there are minor "afflictions" along the line still....

Last not least...this happens to be 1961....good old childhood days...very seldom I had "feeling" that innocence happened to be in that time...sometimes I marvel at the protection one used to spite of all the adventures etc.

Anjana lives a wealthy lifestyle with her dad, Dwarka Nath, in a hilly region in India. When she returns home after several years, she finds that her dad has become more strict and a disciplinarian, and even has his erring employees and villagers flogged. Then she meets with local villager, Jhumroo, and both fall in love with each other. Jhumroo takes her home to introduce her to his mom, Kamla, who approves of her instantly. When Dwarka comes to know about this, he is enraged, and quickly announces her marriage with his Manager, Ramesh. Jhumroo is heart-broken and goes to meet with Anjana, who does tell him that she loves him, but must obey her father. What Jhumroo and Anjana do not know is that she is not Dwarka's daughter, but is the daughter of Kamla, and abducted at a very young age. The question remains what impact will this have on their lives when they find that they are brother and sister, and who actually did abduct Anjana?

Kishore Kumar - Koi Humdam Na Raha (Jhumroo 1961)

hey hey hey hey hey hey hey heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
koi humdum na raha koi sahara na raha
there is no one on whom I can depend or love

ham kisi ke na rahe koi hamara na raha
Now I belong to no one, and no one belongs to me

koi humdum na raha koi sahara na raha

shaam tanhaayi ki hai aayegi manzil kaise - 2
In this evening of loneliness, how will I find my destination

jo mujeh raah deekhaye woh taara na raha
the star that lit the way to my destination is no longer available

koi humdum na raha koi sahara na raha

aye nazaaron na hasso mil na sakunga tumse - 2
O world don't laugh at me, I have turned away from you

woh mere ho na sake main bhi tumhara na raha
my beloved could not be mine, so I have turned away from the world

koi humdum na raha koi sahara na raha

kya bataaon main kahan yunhi chala jaata hoon - 2
I don't know my self, where I am going

jo mujeh phir se bulah le woh ishaara na raha
The person who would call me back, is not here any more

koi humdum na raha koi sahara na raha

I didn't know that...she even got to fame in the US

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