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Posted by WC on April 19, 2011 at 14:07:33

Unfortunately, the troublesome and banned poster Jay, who yet again failed to observe the rules and guidelines of when we temporarily allowed him to use our boards, caused us to have to remove a post on Soapbox documenting crimes by Sam Perfilio, titled, Re: Sam Perfilio raped me when I was 8 months pregnant.

It seems Jay made the post using the name of the rape victim. Posting personal information and accusations on behalf of someone else and/or posting in a manner of assuming their identity (through using their identifiable name) is prohibited. The post had to be removed in accordance with our rules and guidelines on the protection of the privacy of rank-and-file members.

However, in accordance with our Policy on naming the names of leaders who have orchestrated or perpetrated crimes, we will state for the record that we have received numerous reports of Sam Perfilio having raped a number of women, including at least one who was 8 months pregnant at the time and lost her baby as a result. encourages the documentation of crimes orchestrated and/or committed by the leadership of The Family International. However, whether the witnesses and/or victims of such crimes wish to put their names behind the accusations has to be a matter of their own decision and within their own free will and control. With regard to such issues as lack of legal recourse due to jurisdiction and/or statutes of limitation as well as such important needs as moving on and healing from traumatic events, it is perfectly understandable if they wish to withdraw their names or remain anonymous.

For further information regarding our Policy on privacy and the naming of names, please refer to: Advisory and Policy on Naming Names


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