Thank you for your very informative answer

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Posted by Farmer on April 23, 2011 at 13:03:01

In Reply to: Re: Peter Puppet...and his laetrile treatment posted by Blue on April 23, 2011 at 05:39:20:

very nice of you...

"It is also interesting that Berg - who usually took a anti establishment position on most everything - here makes a 180 degree u-turn. What concerns him most of all seems, of all things, to be the cost involved."

I must say...I very rarely look for Berg-originals...I couldn't stand it for years...may be by now...standing back for almost 20 years...I think I can say where I kind of go along...or not...

They say in this "missive"...that if you go for medical treatment...the professional way then to do it 100% etc...I am just summing up their thoughts...but that the laetrile treatment wasn't proven're right...on what grounds???

On the other hand, I do remember the case of a German doctor and prescribing his Vitamin-"cocktail" to some help-seeking parents for their sick child...and the child died nonetheless...I don't know what was in it...but may be also some Vitamin B 17?? was quite a case here...because the child was a minor etc.

I wouldn't dismiss the thought too much yet, that the marketing/producing companies also seek some heavier profit (also the Vitamin-cocktail of the German doctor cost heavily)...for some processed apricot seeds etc. ; )

Well...about PP...I thought he started out with grape diet first???...he did get better it said in some other letter

I agree with you about Berg's concern for the usual...I must admit...grapes plus seeds sounds better to me...may be much cheaper eat a ton of grapes rather...including all the seeds : )

I always loved they push the seedless versions since ages now.

Anyway...I do think, that I should do more for my body and watch more my intake and eat the best for the money available...

How do you come to be informed so well??...if you want to comment...thanks for reading & commenting

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