Re: One more famous model of Ex TFI...fame???

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Posted by Farmer on May 07, 2011 at 11:06:08

In Reply to: Re: One more famous model of Ex TFI...fame??? posted by neverforget on May 06, 2011 at 23:39:21:

Neverforget...thank you for your feeling tells me, that you unfortunately know/experienced more than you ever wished to experience...and if that is truly the case...then I feel very sorry for you.

That remains the No.1 shameful thing of TFI...that nobody at top or bottom really ventures out to take personally some/big blame...but just everybody "moves on" with their "baggage"...expecting others to read between the lines for what they are generally a bit sorry for.

I said that here before...even the Catholic church is now tons better than that in at least that regard.

I guess you have noticed something "strange" in Angela's interview too, my feelings at least...she just mentions her mum/mother...and even ascribes her fair ..nice skin to if someone from Iceland wouldn't be able to offer that genetic "input"...and may be you are also familiar with the funny craze of the Indians for fairer complexion...even applying nonsense lotions
on their skins.

I met Philipp first in Kathmandu 1986/87 I think...then 89 in Madras before they left for abroad apparently...and must have come back...for Angela was born after we left.

Thanks for your input...forgot her Name...Tamar

Do you have any idea...since you mentioned it about the problem of never having to serve time (please also see my post about crazy leftist and green politicians...them also not having to serve or not really being stopped) victims should may be best handle that problem??? I bought a book @ Christmas about that subject...but haven't read the counsel yet, sad to say.

If you happened to have lived in India...I would be quite grateful...if you can share more or if you could also write to me at

...either way...thanks for replying and all the very best in life!!!!!!!!

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