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Posted by Farmer on May 22, 2011 at 10:02:03

In Reply to: Re: Stupid women pleasing a man...a paedophile??? posted by Informer on May 22, 2011 at 09:17:11:

Eltenius said the man made contact on the Internet with hundreds of women across Sweden.

By that storyline he made the contact!!!

Those charged stayed in contact with him even after he started sending them child pornography, downloading the material and discussing it online with him.

It wasn't them requesting with many "services" online...I suppose or an exchange-ring/net

"They expressed themselves in positive terms about the images. And they shared sexual fantasies about the children," Eltenius said.

That's where I supposed the "pleasing"-part comes in...may be...may be not

Most of the women have admitted to receiving the material, but say they "wrote things that they thought he wanted to hear in order to remain in contact with him," said Eltenius.

This sentence also supports it

Some of the women are suspected of passing the material on to others. Two of them are also accused of taking pictures of children in their surroundings and sending them to the main suspect.

This is the part...where you have more of a point too...and in any case I thought they were "stupid"...irresponsible...aren' there better men around to rather "please them"...or may be they were in "big need" to finally have a man???

No money was exchanged and the women were not coerced in any way, Eltenius said. He added that the man met and had sexual relations with about half the women accused, who had no contact with each other.

Common story....paedophile or not...

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