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Posted by on May 24, 2011 at 17:22:48

In Reply to: Re: Here's how the cult is spinning it posted by Perry on May 16, 2011 at 13:52:51:


It seems I recall that Stephen and Mother Eve tired to start an alternate cult of their own at one time, in Europe (?).

DB started the CoG/TFI "tradition" of using others' Gospel stories and teachings designed to move the hearts of those still actually Christian (& frequently plagiarized from the writings of real Christian leaders of the past), in order to deceive them into following the Bergs, et al.

Bait on a hook, in other words. Duh!

Stephen is reported to have flaunted some Karate skills, kicked in colony's doors at one time or another, and so forth--Mr. Macho Bad-ass; supposedly.

He and the "Star Family Singers" once also conned a friend of mine, married to a Chinese wife, to let him come along to China for free with his little musical retinue of well-taught frauds like himself.

I informed on Stephen to my pastors, and he got his portion of the funds cut off, and his little "Invade the Churches" plan flopped; thankfully.

I am glad to have contributed to that. And, my friend's and his wife's work still got done.

But my friend got to meet Jane, where Stephen had put her for assisted elderly care--somewhere in Katy, Texas; I believe. I never got to meet her. My friend asked Stephen if I could, and was told, "I'll pray about it!"


I also invited Stephen to a one-on-one karate match, telling him that I continued my Tae Kwon Do training for years after after leaving the cult--the chicken never took me up on it! Heh!

It would have been fun--I wouldn't have hurt him--just demonstrate he could no longer control and intimidate others at will.


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