Studies and "failures"

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Posted by Farmer on May 27, 2011 at 13:35:19

Some little time ago I placed a link for the free online/youtube-viewing of the movie 3 Idiots

...unfortunately it's too common in India that shattered young people there take their lives for failure in some it...that they feel shame towards the parents etc. who invested into them...being their hope etc....or whatever personal reason

It's really tragic...there are several comments below the article I copied one know how TFI/Berg cited Kipling's poem...whereby one is a man when meeting success and failure the same...

May be people have some input they view their educational system at home etc...also in regards for the SGAs to catch up etc.

Pratap (India)

When young minds are FORCED to take their lives in such a CRUEL Manner for such a trivial issue as Pass/Fail, then this is a strong indication that the Nation is DOOMED. Don't blame the Parents alone. It is the BLOODY SYSTEM that is ROTTEN TO THE CORE. -Marks matter, Ability does not!!!! Success matters, Effort does not!!!! Degree matters, Character does not!!!! This stinking system wants ROBOTS who can be turned ON and OFF at the click of the mouse! INDIA you may rise Economically, you may become super-power; BUT you will certainly lose your INNOCENCE and IDENTITY...

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