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Posted by Farmer on June 09, 2011 at 13:03:07

Since there is more talk of death recently...on the boards...and also loved ones or people I've known (younger than me) died in my personal life over the years...I wanted to repost (?) one of the most touching cinematographic depictions of commemoration, the death of a loved, one I've seen...I think I might have posted it before...but things get erased on youtube for copyright reasons etc....this one is a bit edited it might stay a bit longer...hope so...the film composer Rahman got recently an Oscar and I think he composes quite some amazing tunes...on top there is a heroic side to the your life to save I like the lyrics

I think one of my personal concerns is not to leave too much rubbish...when I have to go...rubbish/burdens in more than one sense...but rather trying to be a blessing still...When we were young...I guess we never thought too much about it...but getting older I give it more of a thought...what is left undone...what could/should still be accomplished etc.

This is a very nice comment on youtube:

I'm Indian, studying in the US.. when i came here and met some Pakistani students I had an apprehensive approach for obvious reasons.. but now, after 5 months, we Indians and Pakistanis always hang out together. There is no THEM .. its US. its like a big family... its a new place for most of us, and trust me we NEVER think they are supposed to be our 'enemies'... they are exactly like us. the youth of today have the same idea.. all this animosity is caused by stupid politics and corruption
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