Allow me some comments pls.

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Posted by Farmer on June 11, 2011 at 01:44:25

In Reply to: Re: to the person using the handle "blue" posted by Coordinator on June 07, 2011 at 16:15:54:

I don't understand whether blue tried to post something and for technical reasons it didn't show up or whether you "deleted it" on purpose which to my experience you usually/in the majority of cases I got to know...
do later...after it appeared...depending also whether it's a regular poster or not

My personal take is, that only the "petty issues" of politics belong to soap box (only in the beginning people quarreled a bit...but no comparison to other boards or even youtube comments etc...not to speak of movingon ; ) I am glad people are kind and considerate enough or not???)

...but things fairly related to the family and its practices rather ...IMO...belong to GenX... especially the sexual agenda I mean.

It's my very sound and strong opinion...that once in it comes up in the news...we should/could occupy ourselves with the "sicknness/politics" of various societies...after all the Dutroux-case happened to show what perverts there are in upper politics or "civil service"...recently I posted something to the same effect about some "wild thinking" of some Green party-politicians

One thing more..Gaddafi either was nuts, when Berg met him or turned into it later??..besides his "Bunga Bunga-friendship" with Berlusconi...sharing probably same preferences...the linked info is since some days and weeks in the news...I think it's wholesome/healthy to know/realise again and again, that not only Berg was nuts but some/many in the outside world as that "fleeing" into the world at times could turn out to be coming from the frying pan ...into some even wilder fire/ opinion

...the chances...being become burned again might be minimal in many cases (especially for the FGAs !!!?)...but I "don't love to be a systemite"...just my take and I find it easy to support that stance...being convinced of it.

Just to say: laws and regulations are "very nice and needed"...but sometimes it "quenches the spirit of information" ; ) I for one would have loved to read, what blue could add as information...after all sounds a bit familiar the stance in that Australian district...kind of surprised me...what do you say???

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