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Posted by on July 19, 2011 at 16:08:35

In Reply to: Re: News of the World and the COG in London posted by MG on July 18, 2011 at 10:45:12:


It seems that Perry has a bot/spider app out on the web for CoG/TF-related stories. He certainly finds some interesting stories; doesn't he?

I had an experience (about a year long) in Caracas, Venezuela with TF. I had a seismic exploration job in the jungle, and worked 6 weeks on, and 6 weeks off, traveling in and out of the country through Caracas, alllowing my to visit the TF Colonies repeatedly, and get to know some membrs quite well, as an incognito person.

The first time I entered the country (this was mid-eighties), I ran into a genuine missionary group working in Caracas, helping the very poor, whose cardboard hovels had washed out during the rainy season. An American missionary had helped a Venezuelan fledgling church get on its feet, via funds he raised in the States, and build both a church, and very simple new homes for the poor.

When I told them about my personal burden for TF cult, they prayed for me. Like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, in Luke, they asked the Lord to "hold the minds" of TF members so that they would not realize who I was, especially that I was a former member, so that I could effectively minister one-on-one to members interested in leaving the cult and going on to actually follow the Lord, instead of the pervert false prophet who had deceived them. They had had their own encounters, and sad stories about, TF.

The upshot of it was that those prayers were fully answered for a whole year, and three people left the cult, based on things I discussed with them, comparing Scripture with Berg's teachings, and my unwillingness to go to bed with their women, although I demonstrated that I did care for them, but that I just wasn't a whoremonger, or adulterer, whom God does judge--they received it, repented, and left to go back to Spain and Holland.

Cool experience.


PS--Caracas was where I would have gone next with the cult, supposedly as a bilingual leader, had I not left in Spokane, Washington in '74, when I did. God is good. He also has a good sense of ironic humor at times! :-)

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