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Posted by Farmer on September 04, 2011 at 09:22:04

In Reply to: Re: Snipers posted by Coordinator on September 04, 2011 at 06:43:05:

Very good
Thank you for expressing much so clearly...I suggest to make yours somewhat into a reference post??!!...somewhere at the "sidelines of the board"??!! I consider it very helpful, therefore it shouldn't sink into oblivion

But can I make some differentiations, additional thoughts please:
1) There were people, who came here on the board to ask for help (never being in TFI) , because they know/knew someone personally or in their neighborhood belonging to the cult...but all of them I remember , intodruced themselves.
In general ...I find it like coming into a room/cyberspace though here...& going by "manners" do introduce yourself, entering a room, or greeting at least.That was "normal" for me...& I still see it practiced elsewhere.
When people don't do it, I kind of feel "offended".,..ashamed...for the person which "such manners" upbringing etc.

I mean if someone introduced himself & I missed bad...other boards like movingon, did have the function to click on the name and then knowing something about him/her..still you could change all that at was neat...but is not a must...and I am not asking for functions like that here etc.
2) I would say though, that a "real exer", who comes here, not introducing him/herself, lacks a bit in tact and manners.Most exers, who came here, I remember, were happy to share their past, meaning, being out, that fact, being "over now" and were glad to share the road it took them up to it & later.
Some now seem to deviate from that habit and I have a particular poster in mind and I don't know why???Frankly, it's bothering.I don't need to know city now living in, even country , but male or female...where, when in the family...what is the big deal??I am baffled about that to say the least.For me that doesn't amount to good manners
2) We did have members elsehere posting on movingon & on xfamily I clearly remember, who did say then, that they were still in, but wanted to discuss matters...quite a good sign, I must praise that...basically TBITCs from what I remember.Whether it is rather FGAs who "play dirty tricks" lieing...I wouldn't know, would rather assume that, also for following Berg in that about being utterly deceitful...being Berg's rubber (snapping) version of that verse

I wouldn't know, what is then the problem here on it "too easy being made to post" take an anonymous shot?...sure on the other boards you could also lie your way into the boards, obfuscating things and I think it was tried more than once on movingon.
3)We did have exers posting here, who had a somewhat difficult/"criminal" TFI-past & I think they shun from posting ever since, because they are conscious-stricken/want to avoid confrontation....human, but not the very best way...(of course there were those being barred, because they don't even feel ashamed of the teachings & want to use the board as their loudspeaker)
4)TBITCs-Exers (not too long...I like that) have all the sympathy excuse in "my book" to not reveal anything, if they don't feel like it...ready for it...though often you kind of sense some difference in the approach...and I must admit, I did lack in tact & manners, to deal with it the 100% right way.
I know it's sometimes also the ...seemingly...little "SGA" or one time I remember irritating dear Jules by using the word "shinerprize" was ironical... illwanted though...longer time back, but sensitive matters & like to think, that I learned something in the meantime.

Technically/legally...I think we all were never "members"...I thought it takes some legal body for that...but in any case the division line is: in by own will & desire and being in against the will...or not by own will...just by birth and family-bonds

Anyway, I would like to hope & think, that most people (wth the understandable exceptions) coming here, want to still abide by "good old manners"of greeting & introducing themselves at least to some "bearable" minimum...altogether just my very personal own "oldie" way of thinking

Thank you for explaining the Sh.-quotation enlightening me..

since we're at it..I recently googled again ,being a cross reference, about the authorship of those lyrical tomes...have you decided for yourself?

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