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Posted by Farmer on September 07, 2011 at 19:28:07

In Reply to: Re: TBITC? posted by long time exer on September 07, 2011 at 15:58:33:

When I was young...I never understood, how my parents kind of remained silent under kind of imagine, everyone should be a hero of the type of the white Rose resistant-group members...young students.

I also couldn't understand, how my father "fellowshipped" with old comrades to remember those times...thinking of the dead and also kind of celebrating life and escape...that escape is in the case of my father (both my parents are dead meanwhile) really kind of miraculous...about 3 times he narrowly escaped death...his brothers didn't etc. etc.

Just to I have kind of a better understanding "and mercy on him" (meaning then I was pretty selfrighteous).I thought could people allow someone like Hitler to rule people...lives and minds...

Now I wonder how I let Berg rule in my life...the point came sudden & then continued subtle in my life and when youth is illprepared (older people can fall prey to gambling and lots of other stuff too in desperation, but they have a bit of other life experience, are a bit wiser)...they can get deceived...then once's hard to leave that system...because you think the rest out there is evil and you really got it made in the "lifesaving-boat"...takes some time to realise the holes in the TFI-ship...for me at least...or you think...not too bad...can be the 1993-pressure...I think it wasn't on, when you had left...I figure

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