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Posted by Farmer on September 10, 2011 at 12:38:38

In Reply to: Re: TBITC? posted by long time exer on September 10, 2011 at 12:02:51:

"imo, there is nothing to be celebrated with regard to having been in the cult. But there is something to be celebrated regarding getting out and there is some sort of comfort possible in talking to other people that survived the same shipwreck."

"I also couldn't understand, how my father "fellowshipped" with old comrades to remember those times...thinking of the dead and also kind of celebrating life and escape"

I think I tried to use celebrating in similar context...he called Hitler in hinsight asshole etc. and the one who wasted 8 of the best years of his force...being drafted and I suppose, it was no fun...they had get togethers after the war and quite touching is, that they also held meetings with French war-survivors & of other nations...Ex-soldiers etc. etc. that's what I meant...I keep coming to the site, not because it's only fun, but that "warfare" of TFI was wrong...though I do believe in the spiritual etc. etc....from that angle I do see similarities and I also "celebrate" being out..."as they did"...but they also remembered, described the old war-scenery and that was a bit to much for my sounded like "war-romanticism"...I think they also tried to overcome talking about was not by own choice, that they were part of the army.My father e.g. refused to burn down a house he slept in, in a Russian village, when the German were retreating, that was in defiance of the order...with some risk so to speak.

anyway...didn'tknow, you also experienced the sharing and FFing-stuff..???!How do your children ...TBITC ; ) view those days nowadays??? I figure, they also must have an opinion on that subject...if you don't mind me asking...sorry...

Oh...I am now purely for mate for lifetime...there's some beautiful angle to it...also very symbolic.

"sharing" was meant on an "object"-level for early Christians...Berg tried to outsmart that...never realising that with love in the Greek original never in the NT eros is meant...never used...but that guy was just an ignoramus about many things...although he prided himself of being blessed with a lot of intelligence & wisdom...conceited/deceived

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