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Posted by Farmer on September 29, 2011 at 01:11:50

In Reply to: Re: What to do? You did plenty posted by A a a c on September 28, 2011 at 16:13:15:

Thank you for your reply...I am bit longwinded, I must confess...if I am concerned interested...curious...I happen to communicate "streamlike" can see what my children "suffered" ; )...and in German it's worse...

I just wanted to say: it's not your responsibility, what he does...suicide is anyway wrong and a Christian shouldn't attempt the very worst he has a daughter being super annoyed with him and cuts the contact off...though you never know either, how they "justify things" even till today.I would like you to not worry about already experienced enough grief.In any event, your scenario sounds like you are concerned, he doesn't take his life???Would be better...still you did all you can...except you cannot prevent them from knowing the truth.Is it bad to know the truth??I don't think so...the repercussions may be "bad" for some time...bitter medicine/herbs...have quite some healing effect ...quite often.

That he inititiated the contact sending weird messages is already bad seems he is not really grounded too much in the Word but rather relying on feelings...getting off the wrong way.
I am not convinced under such news of you, that his remorse is having the depth needed to face all the consequences...may be just sorry being caught??I even wonder now, whether you owe any more dialogue with him.Basically he should read, what you wrote and you shouldn't gift that publication either
; )

It's good to be kindhearted, but there are limits too.I am afraid, that they are still cultdamaged???...affiliated...members???To me it seems, you didn't need this extra burden of the contact.He can be thankful, that you don't prosecute him or ask for it...if it wasn't may be for the "timefactor".

I just meant He owes you something, not you if chances are, that the the offspring finds out sooner or later, he'd be more of a man, if he spills the beans at some time...the timetable would be up to him, ...In any case you should not worry about it ...really.

Nice to think of others...very honourable...but sometimes we can't help it...and frankly I think his repentance is not too big or deep either...I figure that from the questions I had about his concern for you.Sorry for your trouble... : (

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