Re: My boyfriend grown up in the Family

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Posted by Farmer on October 22, 2011 at 16:47:57

In Reply to: Re: My boyfriend grown up in the Family posted by Grazyna on October 17, 2011 at 08:51:54:

Hi...I just offer my little perspective/view on that particular matter: TFI downplayed the "natural"- flesh and blood family-ties...even if it were a patchwork-family...JOY spelled in TFI and may be elsewhere: J esus o thers than y ou....the higher bliss of forsaking loved-ones is something...though in other words...mostly by Bible-quotes (to be heard & or memorised at early age)...which was frequently talked about.Also pls include into your perception of the matter, while in TFI...fulltime-ministry etc I would rarely see your flesh and blood relatives...grandfather...mother...uncles etc. especially if they were anti TFI.That was standard so to speak.Also it matters when they left...but I dare say, that was policy for most of the time of TFI.

However...pls.excuse my view here...I dare say, that in modern societies, there can also be an increasing "coldness" regarding relatives...especially if people don't get along well.In some cultures by marrying marry "very much" into their dare say that is less in
western..."fast pace" societies...where job-concerns kind of tend to squeeze out family life. My take...

I like family ties...but on the other hand you cannot make, IMO, someone like everyone one'd be better may be...but my concept of love dwells on free choice...

So not acting in this sphere of life like you would expect him to not necessarily only due to the cult...though the cult lay the foundations as such...but as I argued...others in society just are as careless or similar and never were in a cult...know what I mean???

So I would consider it a minor/major problem...depending how you look at it

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