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Posted by Thinker on October 25, 2011 at 14:10:57

In Reply to: Re: Ten reasons why you left the COG/TFI posted by Conversation Starter on October 25, 2011 at 08:11:42:

10. I was tired of living a lie.
9. Nobody actually lived up to all the ideals about love that they preached. Their love was very conditional, no matter what they said about it.
8. My joining and staying was based on the idea that Berg was the endtime prophet, but I realized more and more clearly that Berg was a fraud. For all his claims of being a genius, he sure was worthless at simple things like basic geometry and economics. He was also a guilt-ridden phobic and I could see that even while I was still in.
7. I couldn't trust a revolution that no longer trusted its own people. Every major purge was like Mao's Cultural Revolution and people damaged. No good ever came out of these witch hunts.
6. I saw the futility of pursuing some grand idea of doling out spirituality to people who were already far superior in terms of spirituality
5. I witnessed abuse of power and double standards everywhere
4. Damned if you do, damned if you don't -- no one could do anything right and someone was targeted for a breaking, they could use anything against them to tear them apart. Someone who was doing everything right was suddenly doing everything wrong.
3. I was tired of lying to people that I was accomplishing all this good when I knew I really wasn't doing squat
2. I didn't want my kids to be herded around, have their brains mashed and grow up with unfulfilled dreams
1. I knew there had to be more, that there had to be a better way of living, that there was life beyond the cult. I knew my family deserved more than I was giving them by living this lie.

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