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Posted by Observer on October 27, 2011 at 13:11:47

In Reply to: Re: Ten reasons why you left the COG/TFI posted by Conversation Starter on October 25, 2011 at 08:11:42:

1) It all started with a feeling that I was caught up in a „The Emperor Has No Clothing“ type scenario.
2) Doctrines seemed weirder and weirder to me as time went on. From Mocumba to the Loving Jesus Revelation, from the Keys to the “Jesus says…” published prophesies – doubt slowly became knowledge for me. Knowledge that what I was involved in had nothing to do with the truth anymore.
3) Than all the proof came raining in: The proven false prophesies like Art Linkletter, Elvis’ Wife and and and… Then came Tamar’s fakery and her made up prophesies styled after Internet art-work. Then along came Ricky and the horrible denials of responsibility issued by P&M, blaming ex-members of all things for his murder suicide, insisting on his “heavenly home” upbringing.
4) Looking back, no purge or new revelation ever did work out – everything failed, always! From the PER to the DTR, promises of financial power to promises of miracles wrought by disciples. Kings never seemed to knock at our doors for advice & counsel, as promised (why would they anyway?) From the Year of Action to Promises of Provision – it was all pie in the sky and nothing, nothing ever worked out. Activated pooped and wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on – a far cry from the promised “Publication that would change the world and the Family”.
5) Amidst the constant drivel of banalities, demons, loving Jesus, the keys, self-purification, status related issues and legalism – the original, core message of Jesus and Christian Love was completely and utterly lost.
6) Their charter became a nightmare, trying to legislate righteousness to the nth degree. It became clear to me that I was dealing with a new breed of voracious Pharisees, set on exploiting their underlings and asking things of them they were not willing to do themselves.
7) Any dealings with leadership, no matter what level they were on always left me scratching my head, wondering about their sanity. They all lived in lala-land without any solid footing in reality, dealing solely with clichés and abstracts. And they all were greedy, fleecing their poor followers while living a life of (relative) luxury.
8) Disciples were supposed to be strong in faith (David’s mighty men…), but they couldn’t be trusted with going to ex-member websites, watch the Tamar slideshow, read Deborah’s book. Heck, they might have found the truth there…
9) Then along came (for me) Maria’s Summit 1992 notes, strongly advocating fondly minors as harmless, in stark contrast of what was being disseminated to the media and also to their own disciple/sheeple (I was one of their media spokes people and had no idea of her views on this)
10) When I finally found out through Ricky’s writings what the “Kings” household was like and the horrible mind-fuck he and his contemporaries of the royal household went through, the true Mene story, the abuse and especially the horrible fruit of that psycho-den – I truly had it! I was out! Free!
11) Looking back, I would have left years earlier if it wouldn’t have been for my gung-ho wife (still in) and my fear of ripping our family (5 kids) apart. As it turned out, it worked all out for the best as was able to gentle all five out of this insane environment and help them find footing in real life.
12) End of story.
(Sorry, if this looks odd. I formatted this prior to cutting and pasting it here. Hope it's readable.

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