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Posted by Farmer on November 01, 2011 at 07:56:19

In Reply to: Re: Ten reasons why you left the COG/TFI posted by Conversation Starter on October 25, 2011 at 08:11:42:

I guess I have to discern clearly between reasons of then and later feeling confirmed about having left...reasons which cropped up in my attempt to get a grip on the TFI-monster in my life...after having left.

The initial reason we left the field (India) and subsequently the living in status in 1989 was the Comboing of the very young children...and my own son was concerned and I felt it was a new paradigm in child raising or rather Berg's household raising of children on field-level...
Simply put, I was for the "old" way of parents being primarily responsible
..I thought responsible for all that was the "white book" issued sometime then in India from a visit of, forgot who that guy was

Second, tithing became quite unfair...sending in lots and being not in a Combo...getting little in return

Third was the strange behaviour of brethren I new before, who distanced themselves from us, because we were not living in a Combo situation...kind of 2nd..third range of servitude

fourth would be going door to to shop like on a job...with lies and deceit and really little income in comparison.

5th should be at the minimum the scholastical problems of the 2 elders of my EX...homeschooling on correspondance-base we did then...and they didn't mingle with others their age and also would learn not enough in comparison.

6th the failing prophecies...assumptions of Berg and of all his household over the years...including the foreseeable failure of the 1993 "target"

7th The constant victimising of some people in or out of TFI...and realising that we basically were in the same boat...all fallible still...far from perfection

...all this blasting of people...I also overheard it personally once at night in India...was pretty "s.itty"

8th...Too many rules and too little love left as a bond...real love.I was at that time also pretty legalistic..the Bergian way...and I felt rather drained by that.
And I felt Berg and Zerby rather themselves didn't live: a prayer for love and mercy

9th My folks and others also had some sentimental pull on me

10th and a very strong point...a non-TFI-believer we knew and still know now, who considered joining us then...once prayed about Berg and got the answer that he is not the endtime prophet we were assuming then

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