movies with the topic of child-abuse

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Posted by Farmer on November 01, 2011 at 16:09:11

I guess I can remember only two having seen and they are both tremendous IMO...monsoon-wedding we talked here before about and whoever hasn't seen it should watch it...

Monsoon Wedding Part 1 (Eng Sub)

If someone hasn't time for the whole movie...then 7 onward are the strongest scenes...though some points/important parts before go missing

Monsoon Wedding Part 7 (Eng Sub)

The second movie is "the celebration" I saw many years ago in German TV and which made quite an impression on me...I think both movies should be watched by current TFI-members for reference, what they do/did to children...the effect etc....repercussions...I would like to think, that there are many movies more worldwide on that issue, but I have not a clue yet

The celebration I didn't find in an English version on youtube...but there is one with Spanish subtitles

made a movie with Joaquin Phoenix as well

Festen - Festa in famiglia. (Il primo brindisi di Christian)

Festen - Dead Girl

Festen Meet the Receptionest

Festen 01/12

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