The Family reboot ...are they going all over the place theology wise?

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Posted by MG on December 07, 2011 at 19:31:47

I know some people that were visited by some Family members who had just come from the fellowship in Germany which Peter attended. The meeting Observer describes below. They also talked about how a good number of still curent family members were really excited about this guy Curry Blake and his healing ministry.

Someone else passed on to me that Peter has been doing extensive studies in Christian Apologetics. Apparently, according to Peter, there has always been a void in the foundational structure of Family doctrinal teachings which Peter believes the scientific approach provided for in Apologetics will fill. I don't have any direct quotes to refer to so I'm passing this on second hand. Although it is a fact, and not conjecture, that Peter has been doing serious targeted theological in certain specific areas of Chritian Apologetics.

I personally am convinced that even if they tried to have some sort of "New Revolution" to try to go back to how the Family was for most of its existence, they've now gone way too far to ever be able to return to the controlled ways of their past. This is a good thing which I think the younger adult family members especially are making the most of. At least the ones with whom I'm in contact with are. And my relationship with them is more and more free of the barriers that used to be so prominently restrictive.

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