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Posted by Farmer on December 21, 2011 at 17:39:27

In Reply to: Re: Speaking of 1984 posted by Perry on December 15, 2011 at 15:51:32:

Perry...threads...plural... in this thread it was the Stockholm syndrome which is IMO shifting the responsibility from myself to some supposed kidnappers

It seems that you're in for sanitizing the language...what you have forgotten, that "poor" foreigners like me did learn a lot of Bergian language...which they wouldn't have easier forgot if they were native English speakers.I can't be bothered now to take an English course to make the fine distinction for your liking...does that sound fair enough...

I always have valued the accounts of people, which did suffer within TFI...what I never liked from any EXers is, that they make their own experience to look like the general picture in TFI...besides some very common sharing schedules...being bad enough...not everyone was heavily reprimanded everywhere in the world it seems to me...and I had been in quite a few homes...

Either call it coincidence or whatever...that I escaped all that...but what is important to me is to differentiated.

Some victims don't seem to be capable of that anymore...they generalise with no sufficient need for it.If you think that that is minimising it...then you really disappoint my sense of righteousness.By being against TFI I don't have to make them look more villaineous then they already are...what I experienced and what I read is enough to be permanently against them...however not to the "special" degree due to them which experienced special hardships...special abuse in TFI...

I don't understand how you could possibly hope for me being in full empathy with those victims...

Someone who has not experienced the death of a loved one...hardly has the same understanding for that situation, then someone who experienced it...or not???

But what has that to do with being against TFI or not...the teachings are horrible enough

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