Re: TFI and the Lima sydrome????

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Posted by Farmer on December 22, 2011 at 19:01:39

In Reply to: Re: TFI and the Lima sydrome???? posted by long time exer on December 22, 2011 at 13:09:00:

You still haven't understood me...I sum it up for you what I think and where we then apparently differ:

TFI and if you will Berg...had certain attractions...we fell for them for they included some of the most valuable themes of the Bible, for which we all had the respect then, especially after having been prayed the beginning...initial phase

Later DO..LTO etc material/thoughts came in for which we were slowly adapted...mainly by Berg and his "missives"...through it he managed to say...that he was more important than Paul...for the letters of Paul are strictly against e.g. the law of love..Since we had no knowledge of the Greek...and which I said here close to a dozen times on the in the Bible is only once eros..and that in the Berg's redefinition of love can't have anything to do with eros...if someone would really have understand his Bible...but who knew actually Greek at that time??I wouldn't have noticed...
Good teachers are rare should know that.

Anyway I consulted many books after having left also about the charismatic movement and one of them talked about Berg's penchant for esoterical witchcaft...conversation with deceased...Abrahim...but he was a good one we reasoned...same with Madame O...or whatever that name was reading the palms...I think it was...what about Mocumba???...All not weird enough for us?...I think the first incest-apology happens before the letter the 800s...go by memory...

It's all about Lot and his daughters and the failure of being reprimanded for it ...makes it his/Berg's didn't dawn on him or us...that it isn't possible by mosaic law and even Paul mentions 2nd Cor.

I knew quite a lot of TFers not knowing really enough their they would have skipped that anyhow...

Many things I/we didn't protest about...I figure...because his ramblings were of no visible direct consequences for they read like "Berg fiction"...and every now and then he got mad and then you had to use 3 sheets of toilet-paper...of all the if his s.hit were the standard for everyone elses

So I people are a social being...with the need for companionship/friendship etc...people after some initial shock of all the differences to "wordly" slowly in some "comfort zone" ...and after all we thought of doing something worthwhile and lasting,plus wanting to be on "target" for 1993

So I still claim, that the better ones...if you wish..we can debate that classification...left earlier...CB is kind of the saint here on the board...also OT2 of having left very early and they have my deep respect for that...really.

I am not to judge you...but I personally find it much better for myself to say, I am fully responsible for having stayed that long...I said elsewhere, had if I had known a better, really good mission organisation...I would have left earlier...or I would have never joined...churches/missions were slandered...because we were the best and all that nonsense.

I have nobody to blame but myself...that is what I am trying to say...

To me the Stockholm-syndrome...I avoid the abbreviation for the connotation with just a moral crutch...if someone needs it??

Before the word of codependence made the rounds..I tell if you if someone is battered and abused...I think sooner or later most leave and flee....and thank God there are enough shelters in many countries.

So in analogy to Daniel Goldhagen I'd say we were Berg's willing helpers...emphasis on willing...but you deny rather like the idea...that your mind completely got "kidnapped" still haven't answered me, how come, that some people left over some severely nutty or toxic letters?Would like to have a reply from you...thank you...for that is important and apparently a hot issue, I figure doesn't fit into "your doctrine".

And no...I think the morality of the youth in the 17th 18th and 19th century was to all my knowledge
much superior...there was some general decline and you can have an educated guess with what that has also to do...Nazi-"spirit"...e.g. didn't come just by chance...that is my conviction...

That we were vulnerable..unprepared...also didn't happen by chance...I said before..blame partly the older generation for their illpreparation...two wrongs don't make a right...

But like I said...I personally don't want a moral excuse/crutch...that it wasn't my fault...the whole TFI-failure...

I am still don't get it...but anyhow...I think there had to be something appealing to be able to swallow the bitter...and some...that is great...puked before others.

But the swallowing we did...nobody forced you to read that s.hit...I think you have a problem with taking whatever little responsibility there is left for all of us

and if I am not very mistaken...then it was you...who was in great disagreement with Jules over that very I right???

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