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Posted by Farmer on December 23, 2011 at 03:53:55

In Reply to: Re: TFI and the Lima sydrome???? posted by long time exer on December 22, 2011 at 13:09:00:

First of all like I said in the thread below...I am sorry for what you experienced in your childhood and I can only hope that those wounds find a's hard for an outsider to have genuine help and compassion...but I feel sad and awkward when other people suffer and are unhappy.

I realised early..that you have nothing "to confess"...and you quite misunderstood me.

But I argued, that we all have at least a few things in common, where we supported with the tithe...that there was no need to pay the tithe, dawns on anyone, who devotes some more studytime to it...we swallowed it.

Villainous nations are punished at least with a economical boycott...well, the empire of Berg would have crumbled earlier if the members would have thought about it a bit more...they didn't...lack of depth...I guess...nevertheless the blame is on all the individuals.

I listed to you my main failures in again, begging, visa-extensions through bribing..spanking few times too harsh and not providing the best education for my two foster kids while we were in Italy...rather opting than for Christian light education...not entirely bad...but they neded more study time...and instead I took them too often out witnessing...until I also went by problems with ire...against my then mate and also against my parents...for most or all things I would have hardly landed in jail, but that is not the point...the point is to seek a better life after TFI and I did seek to have a clean slate...I looked for counsel and got was the year 2000 which was kind of a milestone and turning-point and from then on I discovered more and more must be kidding to insinuate, that I left much turning all my "stones" and details in life over...tolook for some hidden's good to do that soul-searching...and I am not saying I have arrived...but I do know, that the path post TFI was very worth it...for you to insinuate anything else just shows your ignorance in such matters.

It's really not your place, to muse now about some special sins of the extreme ones of sexual abuse of won't find any witnesses for that...for they never existed...for it never took place...may be hard for you to believe...

Another thing is that I am still a believer in Christ...therewith I seek other explanations for the past than you, who have left the faith it seems.Since you renounce the Christian faith and add it to some fiction cabinet in your have to reason with yourselves and others: Now how did all this get a grip on me?...all this bad...I can understand...why from your point of view the Stockholm-"stuff"...makes more sense to you...some mind-kidnappers...mind-benders you were ill-prepared for...if you want to live rather like that...I tried to say TFIis a bit more multidimensional...but since you have no interest in the little Christian aspect of it...there is no use in dwelling on it and it only attracts your ire about it.

But like I said...I found it much more healthy to knuckle under and say: I was responsible matter in what big or minuscule way...that I didn't reflect about...because I figure everyone is responsible and if I am not mistaken this is also the train of thought of many if not most of the TBIC.

Otherwise you could say...sorry dear TBIC...some malady has befallen us...but now we are free...sorry dears...but lets move on...

A bit too easy for my liking.

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