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Posted by Farmer on December 23, 2011 at 12:03:13

In Reply to: Re: Same... Whoah! posted by Thinker on December 23, 2011 at 11:18:39:

Christians are a "special lot" of themselves...actually of quite a range in understanding/applying scripture differently (what to do without apostles ; ) )...thus all the various denominations...all the vocal Christians here on board...except me...still seem to cling to some sort of pentecostalism...of some like Skep...I don't I would have already plenty on my hand to fuss over various issues...where people probably only would shake their I am intending to keep some peace at much as possible...even though I really feel certain things should be takes time to prepare it etc...I do think, that the failures of the common churches was also a boost for the "success" of TFI...if you think of Faithy's dialogue with the little sisters of Jesus or Peter Puppet in th P. and only when they realised that it was COG they banned the show... or singing in the white house...TFI managed to keep a general Christian approach...but then had in the "backyard" a pandora-box of esoterical...weird...criminal and through and through charismatic stuff...therefore I felt the need to distance myself from all "cure myself" so to speak...I noticed that plenty of trouble in life...I had with "charming" charismatics...

I agree, that I am here and there partial...I try to compliment e.g. Perry, for his labour deserves it, however our philosophies would always be at odds
...but nevertheless I don't feel like having committed a crime to question the application of the "Swee(d)tish stuff"...ok it may sound condescending..."fine if it works for you"...but after all...isn't it what you also favour...what works?...I said it doesn't work for me it sound too just don't stumble in a cult like that...or getting pulled by the hair...I knew a girl/sister...who was beaten blue and came weeks later nonetheless...I claim, there was to some degree something people needed, wanted...later to say it was all itself rubbish to compare that with kidnappers is too farfetched for me...and the abuser/child situation is also a bit limping...simply because the child is very young and weak...Perry...I think said he was something like 16, when he that is very young...where were his parents ; ) ...the fault is also multidimensional...I hinted at it several times.

You are heartily invited to show me where I err...wish you all the best...driving home for Christmas ; )

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