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Posted by long time exer on February 08, 2012 at 23:52:29

In Reply to: Re: Oh well posted by Santiago on February 06, 2012 at 20:19:50:

Taking responsibility for ones own shortcomings, mistakes, is a good thing, but coming to terms about the reality of what was at the core of the Family, that is another. It is something that occurs over time if people get out of that. I can't, in good conscience, laud David Berg as it is also realistic to examine the core of what TF was about, and that core was David Berg and the doctrines that he set into motion.
Before Maria was ever in the picture, and before the Family started, David Berg molested his own daughter and pursued sexual relations with his daughters. That is very sick. Later he made doctrine out of many disturbing and criminal sexual acts including incest, pedophilia, prostitution to name some seriously sick doctrines he put into action in the name of Jesus. He split up families- husbands and wives, siblings, and then he and other top leadership initiated schools where children were institutionalized with draconian discipline (abuse) and molestation as youth were put on sharing schedules. There is a very high body count of suicides as a result of all this.
If people began to question or to doubt they were ostracised and demonized and the problem was always theirs, never his. He demonized Deborah. After all she rejected being his queen. He molested and advocated molestation of some grandchildren and children of people in his inner circle- having some of his own child brides. It's a tough thing to look at when that part of TF is denied in favor of looking at the "positive". I wish you well, and I hope over time you will come to grips with that truth.

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