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Posted by Observer on February 09, 2012 at 05:36:20

In Reply to: Re: Oh well posted by Santiago on February 06, 2012 at 20:19:50:

...It was good to see you here and I read your statement with interest. I left TFI about 6 years ago, after years of already “doubting” the veracity of their doctrines, the sincerity of leadership and carefully evaluating the fruit of the movement.

You have taken the first step in a very long process of weaning yourself away from a mind-set that was close to all-encompassing. It included its own laws, culture, vernacular and colloquial speech, it was overseen by people who never learned to properly lead – literally, the blind leading the blind. That’s why it came to naught and has now just about seized to exist. I can’t help comparing it to the demise of the Soviet Empire. After Glasnost and Perestroika came the demise… The reboot has brought about the virtual collapse of the movement. Like many other so called new-religious movements, TFI, like the Moonies, Rajnish/Osho, Hare Krishna, Guru Maharadji will probably continue to exist in some redux form or shape, powered by a handful of hard core, die-hards who usually make it possible for the leaders to continue to live comfortably. But it will have and has lost all relevance and all those bombastic prophesies about the “Endtime Army”, “David’s Mighty Men”, etc. have proven to be utterly false and preposterous. The most recent absurdity, the much tooted “Offensive” – where did that go, what happened to it?

You know, the longer I’m out, the clearer I see how totally and completely misled I had been for decades. At first I still called Berg “Dad” and Maria “Mom” – now I cringe when I recall this nonsense. Then I kept pretending to be a “Christian”, believing in “Endtime” scenarios as preached by Berg. Now, even this has to be revisited as he basically parroted the fundamental, evangelical Anglo-Saxon mainstream interpretations of scriptures. I’ve learned a lot in 6 short years… I still really dig ol’ Jesus, especially his “fuck you” side when it came to the hypocrites of his day, who finally nailed him to the cross for his audacity to challenge them, but I have nothing more in common with so called “Christianity” or “religion”. I even have a few radical views in regards to the mainstream “salvation” theory, which actually is after all is said and done, just like evolution – only a theory. But I don’t want to scare you off… Ha!

Anyway, be prepared for a revelatory few years to come as impressions of your past live will slowly fade away, making way for clarity and a new world view. Don’t resist it, welcome it. There will be guilt attacks, fear attacks a feeling of loss, remorse, even confusion at times, etc! Don’t worry, it will all come to pass…

I wish you only the very best, blessings and success as you embrace the new and let go of the old and as you embark on a long journey, navigating strange waters, which will lead you to shores heretofore unknown. Better get your sea-legs ready… It may be rocky at times.

If you ever need any help, advice, or just another viewpoint, please don’t hesitate to write, I’d be happy to share what I can:

Take care and God bless,

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