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Posted by Perry on March 14, 2012 at 15:35:04

The post below starting the thread on SG suicides mentions that TFI "members" now consist solely of web site subscribers. Over the last several months, perhaps as much as a year, I have noticed scores of what appear to be new blogs related to the group. I was just alerted to two more this morning. Just now I checked some of the links to those blogs I had saved from a few months ago, and so far each one I checked is now a dead link. At the same time, I have also noticed several poorly written articles supportive of the group popping up on various suspicious looking sites that do not appear to be connected to the TFI.

The blogs claiming to be TFI connected do not appear to be legitimate sites, but someone's attempt to muddy the waters for search engines. The same with the poorly written revisionist apologetics, which seem to vary slightly each time I find one. But I don't have a lot of technical skills so I'm not sure about that. Anyone have an idea of what they might be up to with this strategy?

Here's the latest two links I received.

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