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Posted by Coordinator on April 13, 2012 at 13:24:41

In Reply to: Re: Whatever posted by Silenced Again on April 13, 2012 at 02:09:27:

First of all, you are more than welcome to use the boards here, and contrary to the way we've often been categorized, this is not a site solely for the first generation.

Having said that, I realize you're trying to get the site's coordinators on the defensive. You wouldn't be the first person born into the cult who came here trying to hash out issues with FGs. And if we try to say anything it becomes a "correction by aunties and uncles" and just deteriorates into a lose-lose situation. That's old, way old.

If you bother to read the automated explanation given the the four different times you tried to post, you'll see that there isn't some kind of conspiracy to silence you. All newcomers are blocked by default. Until we establish who you are and where you're coming from and you're added to a safe list, you won't be able to post and be instantly published. Sometimes we don't get around to doing our administrative tasks for a day or so, but unless you're posting off-the-wall pro-TFI stuff, you will eventually be published. Please be patient!

Finally, you made a post about the same issue using four different handles (names). Please read our guidelines on that.


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