TFI wants to be the LDS

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Posted by Perry on April 16, 2012 at 14:08:22

In the Christianity Today article I linked to in a thread below Claire Borowick states:

"Spokesperson Claire Borowick told CT that what TFI today calls "the reboot" involves dismantling the group's worldwide organizational structure and the breakup of much of its communal living. Doctrinal changes involve a stronger endorsement of biblical authority, the minimizing of Peter and Maria as sources of revelation, and a more conservative expression of sexuality. "Any previous writings that contain sexually explicit applications have been removed from circulation," said Borowick."

Here is what I wrote about the reboot almost a year ago, which is also relevant to the thread below regarding Mitt Romney. This is the last paragraph of a blog post. The comments section also has some relevant content.

From Sex Fiends to Family Values: the LDS and The Family International

Given David Berg's fascination with Joseph Smith and Mormonism, the current leaders of The Family International no doubt place great hope in the fact that the LDS church, once hounded as sex fiends for their doctrine of polygamy, have been reborn as the American family ideal with two members in the race for U.S. president, one (Romney) whose near relatives were devout polygamists. If abandoning core doctrines worked for the Mormons, perhaps it will work for them. Just like the LDS, The Family International also uses "fresh revelations that can overturn doctrine on a dime." They have been doing that for years as a means of manipulating and controlling their members. And just as fundamentalist Mormons have revived the practice of polygamy (or never ended it), leading to horrendous abuses of children and women, the demented doctrines of David Berg can easily be resurrected at any time by leaders of The Family International, or by individuals or splinter groups that still believe in and practice abandoned doctrines.

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