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Posted by long time exer on June 23, 2012 at 10:50:26

In Reply to: Re: Jerry Sandusky, Catholic Official posted by Anovagrrl on June 23, 2012 at 08:20:04:

Yes, they do hide assets and do legal wrangling to protect themselves, but I'm curious about how law applies internationally or in the U.S. in general if a suit is filed in a State that does not have time limitations whether the actual crime occurred in that State or not, or whether there is some venue in the making or already existing for prosecuting crimes occuring by U.S. citizens though overseas when committed, where the laws would also not allow for that.
For instance, because of awareness of child sex tourism, there are laws that now penalize U.S. citizens that commit crimes against children when in other countries.

It just seems like now that there is public attention on human trafficking and clergy abusing children, protecting abusers from cases long ago, that there is more awareness and a better venue for prosecution now. Case in point, Jerry Sandusky, whose survivors faced him in court decades after the abuse. I don't believe in a God that sorts it all out after this life. At the same time, I do realize how hurtful it is to be a survivor of child sexual abuse and the hurt there is in bringing up the past in a court of law. One thing about the Family is all the literature that backs up exploitation, sexual abuse of children that is like Sandusky and all the evidence there was in the case of what he did. It's not in my hands to do anything and I am certain people have tried in the past. I agree that a good revenge is living life successfully despite the damages of the horrors of being raised in the Family. I can only imagine how it feels to have been abused as a second generation child in TF and see Zerby and Co. talking about how they promote wholesome family values, parenting classes, and "Christian" doctrine, working with children abused or at risk (like Sandusky did) while having a history of pedophilia and incest, LJR etc. I believe what Zerby did with Berg and what she created when he was gone, what she said on the record about "a little Godly fondling" would be enough to eventually hang herself. I hope so.

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