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Posted by excog on July 04, 2012 at 15:35:29

In Reply to: Re: Question for Tina posted by Tina on July 04, 2012 at 04:16:35:

Thanks for engaging in this conversation, Tina.

I understand your point of view, and want to take this a bit further.

I agree with your point about using one's energy directing it at the most productive goal. I agree with your argument - I am paraphrasing here...if you have tried this and did not work, then focus on the positive, and live your life.

I know they say "living WELL is the best revenge." :-)

But do you realize that for many people who have been severely victimized, the 'focus on the positive' argument may not work because the effects of prior trauma impact their current life STILL, through PTSD, depression, drug abuse due to attempts to self-medicate, etc.

The past informs the present. Do you know any such people?

So here I go again:
do you believe that the people and leadership who perpetrated crimes should be accountable? Do you believe that people who have been damaged by these "institutional" crimes would be entitled to some sort of direct, meaningful and sincere apology, and also some kind of compensation?

My question is a "moral" type of question. It establishes a precise 'location' for the argument, and in your answer you somehow shift that location. This is not about

"if you have tried to pursue this legally and do not succeed you would do better to focus on your life etc etc."

Have you ever watched the Ricky Rodriguez heartbreaking video, where he painfully asks a number of questions about the need for justice? He is dead now, but his questions remain alive and in need of answers.

If you are one of the ones who have been able to grow up healthy and escaping major traumatic issues, I am glad. But it would be compassionate to think about the ones who did not/could not escape.

I wish you well.

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