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Posted by ray on July 18, 2012 at 06:24:56

In Reply to: Re: forgot one thing, too posted by excog on July 18, 2012 at 01:28:48:

not sure i really get the question(s). my single issue was the approach taken here w/ a young lady sg who appears 2 be well out of the group, yet maintains ties to fam/friends still in. my feeling is that the process of processing your exp. in a group like tfi is usually gradual. folks who buttonholed me tended to slow my process, whereas those who encouraged, reasoned were hugely helpful. i read on perry's website he, as an adult, and a 1st gen joiner (albeit quite young) took awhile to "get the cult out of him." i left after a long hard theological and emotional journey yet still found reorienting took awhile. still at it, i suppose. and i never felt the need to break w/ fam/friends still in.
why not simply show the girl some respect for her move, and perhaps raise the issues of weblinks(etc) in a non confrontatational way?

i do think p/m will try to keep a hardcore inner circle of narcissistic supply for as long as they can afford to. my hunch is that they will not resurface. websites: i haven't ck'ed too much, but i'm sure they are trying to propagate ideas (sic).there are also some real out there fringe people doing stuff on the i'net i cannot imagine even p/m countenance. but the growth & glory days are over, at least that is my bet. i also have no problem w/ anyone pushing for accountability. i just don't think anyone should be pressured into joining the crusade, if they feel they have other priorities to attend to. or unless they are criminals.

i remain deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life connected to fam abuses. not sure why it is raised in this discussion, but we all have lost folks dear to us. my post in no way diminishes anyone's loss or suffering. if someone ever figures a way to get legal accountability i think that would be great.i have yet to hear a strategy that sounds feasible, but there are lot of smart motivated sgas out there who may come up w/ one.

not sure i get the gal3:3 ref. maybe you can explain on journeys.

about power versus shagging... well, i know which way i would vote. tho both are becoming less of an issue as time goes marching on.

all the best. (glad to see you are keeping up your memory work!)

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