Historical review, or revision of history?

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Posted by Passing By on July 18, 2012 at 18:18:33

In Reply to: Re: Moral questions, perspectives, and rhetorical fallacies posted by excog on July 17, 2012 at 23:59:18:

A lot has been said, and not said, in the exchanges that surround Tina's posts below. Much of what has been speculated or testified by various direct witnesses has been confirmed. Weak and strong links to the new conning methods of TFI have been demonstrated to be generational. The new arguments have been presented. Conclusions are still being drawn but it is clear that David Berg's doctrines still serve as the standard by which membership is being measured.

Therefore, in my mind, regardless of how much daughters or sons help their mom-and-pop ministries, the question of support for those unlawful doctrines is whether people support or denounce the doctrines of sexually abuse of children taught, promoted and supported by Berg and the leaders of TFI and the multitude of ministries and names under which they are now hiding.

If they didn't know, they would not be guilty - but they know of those doctrines, teachings, actions, and therefore they are guilty, as their defenders are.

It is a pity that some, knowing all of these things, still try to justify their support for those teachings in subtle ways.

Never again.

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