Re: Whatever happened to "Farmer"?

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Posted by Farmer on September 01, 2012 at 09:07:05

In Reply to: Re: Whatever happened to "Farmer"? posted by Sometime poster on August 29, 2012 at 15:25:21:

Thanks to people like you and Davida and Observer etc...I am happy to be off the boards and off TFI...because I know I have a better life now than ever before...but frankly I wouldn't want to meet any of you Exers either with your hatred bottled up.

I just came here to copy and paste some of my stuff posted to research some details about my past...India was surprised after googling the part...switching to the main board, current topics and finding myself in that "strange brew" here...thanks for expressing that you're better off without me...there is someone else you're not better without...but that is journeys...all that was my aim to say...and pardon me...I got to know about that person through TFI...if you know what I am talking about...and I don't mean Berg don't need my ramblings to get to know him...but if you knew him...your reactions would probably a bit assumption

so what has lingo to do with it?...we learned English sometimes the cult-way...that is now offensive...but no proof, that that person is TFI

Strange logic

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