Re: Whatever happened to "Farmer"?

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Posted by Farmer on September 02, 2012 at 10:17:19

In Reply to: Re: Whatever happened to "Farmer"? posted by Observer on August 29, 2012 at 02:55:31:

What an "Observer" you are...people who had an issue, always came forward and though I have a difference opinion than IFT I admire her great guts to share things in spite of the odds to be countered by idiots like Farmer...I am fine with being in the long as that one man is exalted...journeys issue...

And you're such a hypocrite, you seldom posted in the past...simply because you were busy with other stuff...since you're not the kind being afraid of me or others...isn't it??...and you have hardly posted since I left...sure you will post so much now!!...ok..ok...I won't post, intervene promise...accept when I get to be the issue...lies being told ...I think I have the right...duty to speak up...otherwise some of you Exers go way too much on my nerves with your blatant unbelief...makes me think/question, what you joined TFI for...I joined, because I fell in love with Jesus in the first place and didn't know the Bible in those 20 years after leaving it took me lots of time and effort to see a bit through the fog, what were lies and what the truth...

I think you have just begone to research ...sir...that is a journey...and I tried to share things from my perspective...

Start a blog like makingstraightpath...I knew the brother personally from Delhi...great.

The truth is anyway already out...whether or not we start a new blog...but sometimes it helps to share personal experiences.

I think your belief-pendulum has swung now towards unbelief and that's where I figure we differ lots...and that may be the main issue between us...I already smelled something being "off"/fishy from a comment you made in the past to a post from PD and you hinted again at it in a reaction to Santiago...

Frankly I have no fellowship with TFI nor with unbelievers, if I can help it, unlike for mandatory purposes, like at work that shuts out you too...isn't it??

Nevertheless have a great life

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