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Posted by Charlie on March 07, 2013 at 06:26:27

In Reply to: Re: YouTube? posted by Ray on March 05, 2013 at 21:47:58:

Yes, I spent 3 months in the south and the birding was good. Birding is always good. I got some great photos too. Actually, fantastic photos! Now I'm back in the north and the birding is good, still good, although there's not too many here in my immediate neck of the woods at this time of year - ravens, shrikes, magpies, a few chicadees and woodpeckers etc.

The weather was great in the south - like a July or August here in the north - lots of 70s and 80s temps. Apparnently the winter here was brutal. Didn't miss it at all! Never will. I've found that the best way to deal with winter is to leave it...

There's 2 ft. of snow on the ground right now. Temps. are in the +20s on average at this time of year - what we call Bonspiel weather. In the past, before we had indoor curling rinks, we curled on outdoor ice. We'd have to wait for these temps. if we didn't want to freeze to death.

I'm looking forward to spring thaw (in about 3 weeks) and the following spring migrations. I am looking forward to canoeing, fishing and birding the boreal forest again too - starting mid May on average. It takes till then to get the ice off the lakes. Boreal rivers, creeks and lakes make me go want to go native...

Actually, time in the wilderness is extra time alone with God for me. He wasn't in the vicious storm that rolled on through on my first trip into the woods last spring. He was in the still small voice... you know the story.

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