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Posted by on March 24, 2013 at 05:23:39

In Reply to: Re: Demise of TFI as we knew it...maybe posted by Passing by on March 20, 2013 at 08:20:42:

Yes, rhetorically and bombastically and with seeming delight many denounce the past, announcing the demise of TF etc etc, but in no way do they follow that up and in specific terms come even close to denounce a single one of their many anti-christian and/or plain heathen doctrines.

And logically it cannot be done and still expect to go on as usual, all for very good reasons; for one thing, because of the relentless and ensuing serious ‘house of cards’ effect if they did…therefore in that context, admission of serious doctrinal waywardness, is a door that must be kept closed at any cost.
And so in essence, like with the bishop of Rome, the doctrine of infallibility of TF and it’s leadership is clandestinely perpetuated.

As a result many, or even most, current members, sensing serious implications vaguely on the horizon, and far from denouncing anything specific, will never go into doctrinal disputes, but will to the best of their ability defend the various received doctrines up through the years as well as also defend their leaders who supposedly received them from God. They cannot do otherwise. The one can not stand without the other, hence they both (the channeling leaders and the doctrine) must stand.

By avoiding any and all detail and instead generalize they (P&M) don’t have to explain it closer than that, which most members unfortunately will content themselves with, thinking they again have heard straight from Heaven.

And so the subtle deception can continue as before.

As already mentioned, in the final analysis the base of TFI has never been christian, or at best, in order to sell the product, a bit of Christianity mixed in with lots of superstition and heathenism.
Having mixed and confused those two opposites for so long and so thoroughly, it is now near impossible for most to discern what is what. Black becomes white and vice versa, or whatever the boss says.
Going over some of the operational tenets and dogmas of TF ever since the beginning we find that they almost without exception directly or indirectly contradict the Bible.
This is all according to plan, with or without the knowledge of the leadership, and historically this is no new thing.

Doctrines, such as the ‘eternal security’ one, i.e. ‘once saved, always saved’ was and is a vital part of the delusion.
This doctrine taken to it’s logical conclusion dictates that once saved you cannot under any circumstances lose your salvation, no matter how hard you try, and never mind what you do and believe thereafter, willfully or not. You are still saved, or rather, a prisoner of the Heavenlies.

If it was by free volitional will that a person received the Lord to begin with, understanding the implications of his decision, it will have to be the same free will that retains him in that position, or else, should the same person later decide to change his mind, it is nothing but coercing and tyranny.

The fingerprints of the ‘eternal security’ doctrine is often what you find in TF, where, having also done away with the 10 commandments, liberty was confused with license, love confused with lust, faith confused with feeling and the Word of God confused with conjuring something up in your mind.

Because having obliterated all moral restraints of the Decalogue ever since the beginning, add to that the eternal security doctrine, you have a toxic cocktail which in our present fallen and sinful human nature could bring nothing but abuse and criminal and cunning mindsets.

In hindsight it is quite clear that most of the the early doctrinal milestones were paving the way for the deluge of paganism that was to follow in later years, and which now seem to have come to near full fruition.

All too aware of the crimes committed in the name of religion, love, being submissive, God, Jesus, etc, because one sinful and ungodly mortal had it within his power to lord it over another down to his very body and conscience, the subject being programmed it was his christian duty but to trust and obey in whatsoever situation he may be in. This can never be undone.

In other words, creating such a society we have in religious garb the most perfect and pervasive of political tyrannies that can ever exist, and has indeed existed under different names.

The authority and allegiance that belongs to Jesus/the Scripture alone can never be replaced with allegiance to (the attributes of) a mere fallen and sinful human without dire results.

For the many whose lives early were mishandled, abused, twisted, corrupted, physically and mentally, and hence have chosen to turn against everything that resembles Christianity I wish and hope to get across that TF never was and still is not Christ’s doing; it cannot be if we at the same time want to value the Bible. The choice was made a long time ago to operate under the false flag of Christianity, and so it has been ever since.
TFI is merely one in a long line of religious outfits up through the ages who have adopted most of their religious content from superstitious and idolatrous paganism. Therefore do not credit Christ for what took place in TF.

Imo a relevant paragraph on this topic:
“Heathenism is religion in its wild growth on the soil of fallen human nature, a darkening of the original consciousness of God, a deification of the rational and irrational creature, and a corresponding corruption of the moral sense, giving the sanction of religion to natural and unnatural vices.” ( Philip Schaff – History of the Christian Church, Vol. 1, pg. 47)

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