Re: Peter is dumb and conscienceless

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Posted by Jerry on May 16, 2013 at 01:51:11

In Reply to: Re: My impression of meeting Peter Amsterdam posted by Just Saying on May 12, 2013 at 09:52:05:

I have always wondered if Family leaders ever had a conscience. If Peter is anything he is dumb, and like Maria and Mo before them, did not realise what great sins they had committed. I have talked in detail with one such leader since leaving the Family, to see if they had any idea of what they had done to us, and others. And my conclusion is NO< they have no idea, their conscience has been seared totally. If they did, they would be humble or have committed suicide. They just go on and on.

But the trouble with Peter is that he is a total YES man and has absolutely no ideas himself or no conviction of his own on anything. Listen to his video....... he says David knew scriptures and prophecy..... RIDICULOUS, and even more rididculous that Peter never studied or learned...and more ridiculous that their great QUEEN MARIA admitted she could not hear from the Lord...and yet was the judge of every Family prophecy that did not tickle her ears.

Anyway as mentioned Peter is dumb and stupid, as in the video he says they are a movement, the problem being is that they moved one way then back again, then another way and then back again, going in circles pretending they were going somehere...this until NOW the game is over. Peter has no more tricks up his sleeve and they have just given up dreaming up new movements that go no where.

That's my take on the REBOOT

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