Re: Steven Kelly on "Financial Challenges"

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Posted by on July 15, 2013 at 13:59:52

In Reply to: Re: Steven Kelly on "Financial Challenges" posted by Thorwald on July 10, 2013 at 10:29:57:

He he he Pete... Come on... really you don’t have enough money? Come on you can do better than that! You aren’t first using the “Keys” to get of the lord what you want! Look at this lunatic, he ALREADY USING the keys of prosperity:

What about you? Maybe you should try harder...

And look at those preachers… they remind me of you…

And IF you would dance like those guys and ask for money, it would be at least more entertaining than all the pitiful sobbing you just did… shame on you!

I was taking care once of area fin, and with other brother we calculated estimates how much money you guys must be making based on our area and minimum required, etc… since the services you so highly talk about were winding down (pubs being cut, services being stopped) then the funds should be substantial… what the heck happened? What the services you talking about? Are you losing your battler service and have to get up of the bed to get your booze? Zerby cannot get her manicure done?
Are you losing your membership and are scared to death to get normal job as we all had to get? ... Hmm sorry forgot that you already have enough stored for retirement...
You guys are pitiful…

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