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Posted by Coordinator on November 06, 2013 at 11:45:11's stated mission is to expose The Family International as the highly destructive cult and criminal organization that it is, and to facilitate members and former members in their exit process by providing information and opportunities for dialog on our forums. We endeavor to provide a safe environment for those recovering from their cult experiences.

Some of our regular board users have expressed an interest in assisting in this regard. We are always thankful for such contributions, as we cannot accomplish these goals on our own. However, some personal agendas or interactions may be incompatible with's policies, as mentioned above.

There are several regular users who have either been banned or who are on constant probation for this very reason. Some of them go too far using a consistent "professional" approach to posting, with the obvious intention of winning every debate. Some respond with insensitivity and intellectualizing to heartfelt posts, such as poems, which may be cryptic by nature. Some use highly condescending language. Some like to have it both ways, by responding to individuals whom they assert are not worth responding to. Or for example, when Ricky Rodriguez appeared on genX, we had a board user jumping on him, pressuring him to do something about this and that, which was very inconsiderate... The list is endless.

It is important to remember that not everyone who posts on our boards needs or is looking for a good debate. If possible, try to read a post in the "spirit" it was written.

We don't like to block anyone or use censorship, and we usually allow a lot of leeway. So for a post to fail to be make it to the boards, it was either highly insensitive, inappropriate, nonsensical and/or condescending, etc.

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