Is Extended Family International connected to TFI

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Posted by Jerry on December 18, 2013 at 15:43:04

No one seemed to know what is happenning in TFI now, so I did a simple internet search and found Extended Family International

Great very honorable work giving a loan to the poor. But wait a minute, as much as this hurts, is this for real.

Send money and it goes for family loan building ? No interest GREAT, but who does the accounting, And it has a team of four guys ? And they appear to only have helped or given out about 25,000 dollars.

And suspiciously they also have field workers who give out the loans.... I'm sorry this could very well be a FTI side organization. Seven years in operation and only five or six loans in all that time. Field partners around the world ????

That's so much like the con of sending funds to distribute food, and the bulk of the money use to go to the field distribulation center which was a family home.

I closed down one of their illicit scams in the past, because it was a con.... as legally they can't use up more than about 25 percent in administration costs when raising funds. But were using the 75 percent for the rentals of family homes and putting it under non administartion headings and costs.

Anyway I do hope and pray this is not another scam, as the poor need loans and housing ?

Any comments

I must write them and see if I get an answer

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